Parental Contribution Calculator


The Parental Contribution Calculator is a tool that can help parents or legal guardians of full-time dependent students estimate the amount of money that they should contribute to their children's post-secondary education. The amount is based on the Canada Student Loans need assessment tables and will help parents determine whether their child will be eligible to obtain a government-funded student loan. Although parents are not obliged to contribute to their child's post-secondary education, the amount that should be provided is one of the factors used to assess students' eligibility for a Canada Student Loan.


The values calculated in this tool are meant to help parents/guardians better understand how student loan applications are assessed. Applicants who are considered 'Independent' do not have parental income factored into their need assessment.

Please note that Quebec, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories are not included in this application as they do not participate in the Canada Student Financial Assistance Program.


The information you provide us is only used to build an estimate for this tool. The information you enter will not be shared, saved, stored in a database or used for any other reason. For more information, please consult our Privacy Policy .

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